Funniest Videos of 2011 - Top 10

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Date Added: April 23, 2012
Leave us a comment - tell us which video you thought was the funniest BELOW! Want to make some extra cash... big giveaway announcement RIGHT HERE, tomorrow! What was the funniest video of 2011? I'll give you a hint... It might involve a baguette and a piñata, an exercise ball and a little girl, a golf cart and gravity, a virgin and a rifle shot, a trampoline and a flip fail, a treadmill and a college student, a fat pool boy and a faceplant, a hail storm and a lawn mower, a seagull and man's breakfast, or a racist 3 year old.... But you have to watch to find out. Send in your videos to get $ and be featured: For the funniest videos breaking online, visit More Break approved videos: Break Originals - - GameFront - Break gets social: Facebook - Twitter - Break goes mobile: iPhone / iPad free app - Android free app -
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